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Create your own screenprints using the sun! We've packed this kit with everything you need to expose screens with sunlight and print your own images. 


Reuse the screen over and over to print new designs onto a huge range of items, including tote bags, tea towels, tee shirts, greeting cards, posters, stationary, postcards and so much more with our non-toxic waterbased printing ink.


Our DIY Screenprinting Kit comes with:


9x14" Screen

4" Squeegee

1.5" Mini-squeegee

4 oz Waterbased black screenprinting ink

6" Wooden spatula

4 oz Photo emulsion

8 oz Emulsion remover

5 Inkjet transparency sheets

6.5 x 11" Acrylic sheet

Screen feet/Registration bumpers

Brown tape

Step-by-step printing guide

DIY Screenprinting Kit - Expose Your Own Screens with Sunlight!

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