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Flying Hotdogs Over Tulip Fields, 2020
4x6" screenprint on French Paper Co. stock
Edition of 150 with 1 AP + 1 PP

We are offering these limited edition postcards for $1.50 each, plus a suggested donation of $10 to the International Rescue Committee.

The $1.50 you pay here goes toward covering postage, materials, tax and PayPal fee. After purchasing your prints, please visit the IRC to make a suggested donation of $10 per card, or whatever amount you're able.

Prints are unsigned. Edition is hand-numbered by the printer, with the artist signature printed at the bottom of each postcard.


My name is Maxim. I am Seven. My favorite activities are baseball, lacrosse, target practice, creating video games, reading, playing pranks on my mom, and building Legos. I have received awards for baseball, which are: best shortstop, homerun hitter, and two-time best pitcher. I also got swimming awards, which are: best monkey dive, fastest swimmer, best cannonball, fastest backstroke, and finder of most dive toys/rings and torpedoes. I am more of a builder than an artist. I like to build pulley systems and Legos. My favorite Lego sets I’ve built are the Saturn Five, Fire Rescue City Set, Pop-Up VW Bus, Shipyard, and Police Ground and Water. I also like to work with wood and clay.

Nicole Seisler is a Los Angeles-based maker, curator, and educator. Seisler’s practice centers on the materiality of clay and its metaphoric resonance with human experience. She directly engages others in her process and often positions herself as ‘facilitator’ in order to question authorship and to blur the overlapping roles of artist/viewer/participant/collaborator. Seisler received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Seisler currently teaches at Pasadena City College and is the Director of the Los Angeles contemporary ceramics gallery A-B Projects. She also loves spending time with her nephew and is grateful to be doing more of that recently, despite these strange and difficult times.

Project Description - We have been playing a drawing game, which is designed to be played through video while we are in different places. It can be played with two or more players, ages three and up (or those capable of more than scribbling). Each player takes turns saying something to draw, layering those things onto a single drawing. For this drawing, Nicole said ‘tulip fields’ and then Maxim said ‘flying hot dogs.’ Max was inspired by baseball, the hot dogs served at baseball stadiums, and the fly balls often hit during games. Putting these together you get ‘flying hot dogs over tulip fields.’

Find more work by Nicole at and on Instagram @nicole_seisler

Nicole & Maxim

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