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Hole Ahead, 2020
4x6" screenprint on French Paper Co. stock
Edition of 150 with 1 AP + 1 PP

We are offering these limited edition postcards for $1.50 each, plus a suggested, honor-system donation of $10 to the International Rescue Committee.

The $1.50 you pay here goes toward covering postage, materials, tax and PayPal fee. After purchasing your prints, please visit the International Rescue Committee to make a suggested donation of $10 per card, or whatever amount you're able.

Prints are unsigned. Edition is hand-numbered by the printer, with the artist signature printed at the bottom of each postcard.


Victoria Marie Barquin is a Chicago-based artist, printmaker, and arts administrator with a BFA in Printmaking from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Since moving to Chicago, Barquin has developed the collaborative publishing program, Halftone Projects.

"Highlighting the intersection of text, image and architecture, my work honors the deep connection between human beings and the built environment. I use photography to document moments where fragmented text, abstracted image, and layered facades become suggestive of our collective unconscious, our shared experience. Using digital brushes, halftone dots and layer masks, I build sketches of my prints in Photoshop before physically reproducing them via screenprinting—a medium with a long history of interacting with walls and public spaces."

Find more of Victoria's work at and on Instagram @vic_barq

Victoria Barquin

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